Instituto Superior Técnico

The Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is the Engineering, Science and Technology School of the University of Lisbon and the largest school of engineering in Portugal. IST mission is to contribute to the development of science, economy and society, by promoting high quality and excellence in higher education in Engineering, Science and Technology, both in under and post-graduation courses, delivering highly qualified professionals to the public and private sector and developing international level Research & Development activities, strengthening the National and European R&D effort. The Centre for Management Studies of IST (CEG-IST), one of IST research centres, aims to explore and reinforce a systemic view in problem definition and solutions, challenged by sustainability paradigms. The Strategic approaches to ENvironment and SUstainability research group (SENSU) is a research field at CEG-IST, the Centre for Management Studies of IST – Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. SENSU develops research on environmental and sustainability policy, planning and assessment, exploring various features of the environment-sustainability nexus, aiming to contribute to finding and promoting pathways for sustainability.

Maria do Rosário Partidário (IR)

Rute Martins

Margarida Monteiro

Guilherme Saad

Isabel Ramos

LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil

The National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC) is a public institute of science and technology (S&T), with the status of State Laboratory, which develops research in all fields of Civil Engineering, which gives it a unique and multidisciplinary perspective. Its activity is in line with the objectives set out in the major national strategies in the fields of construction, habitat and environment, giving priority to Applied Research (I), Experimental Development (D), and Innovation (I) and gradually increasing the weight of R & D & I activities in the overall Science and Technology (S & T) activity. The Urban and Territorial Studies Unit of LNEC carries out Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) in the fields of architecture, urban planning and social sciences

Delta Silva

Marta Vicente

Margarida Rebelo

UAlg Universidade de Algarve

The University of Algarve is a unique institution. First of all, as it is the only Portuguese university created by the Law of the Assembly of the Republic, having received unanimous approval from Parliament. The Academy is recognized for the quality of its teaching in several fields, namely in the areas of Health Sciences and Technologies; Economy, Management and Tourism; Social and Education Sciences; and Exact and Natural Sciences, also standing out at the international level in various rankings.

Carla Antunes

Maria de Belém Costa Freitas

Miguel Teixeira